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Made with love in California USA

Healthy meals for your little one,

+30 minutes/day for you!

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A Japanese Brazilian, I started my family in the U.S. in 2010, after meeting my husband while attending MIT Sloan. I am now thrilled to combine my entrepreneurial family background, my professional experiences, and my passion for cooking into this new offering for parents, Little Chef Certified!
My son Luke was my inspiration. A happy and curious boy, he is a picky eater in evolution. We struggled to find recipes and the time to make his meals. It is our mission to help other parents find healthy and delicious foods for their little ones to become good eaters as well!    
Patricia Fukuda O'Donnell 
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Your favorite local restaurants delivering freshly-made healthy food for your children.

  • Food that we recognize and tastes delicious
  • Wholesome and fresh ingredients
  • Variety in a menu specially designed for little ones
  • A healthy start, because the beginning is so important!

+30 min / day

for us!





  • Less stress about what to cook or feed our child
  • Fewer runs to the supermarket and less cooking
  • More peace of mind
  • More time!

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Healthy and delicious meals

Taste of home in each meal specially designed for little ones

Made by your local restaurant

A provider in your community that shares your values

Convenient delivery

Meals you selected conveniently delivered to your door


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Your favorite local restaurants delivering freshly-made healthy food for your children

Healthy meals for your little one,

+30 minutes/day for you!

We are curating a network of like-minded restaurants that value local, organic ingredients. Pick your city, select your restaurant close to your home or office. You can learn more about the restaurant, and who will be making your food

2. Select your meals

We will work with restaurants to develop a healthy and delicious menu for your little one, whether he/she is an adventurous eater or a picky one. Our menus will have lots of variety, and have foods with no sugar added, no/low sodium, and no preservatives. Parents' concerns are ours!

3. Get your meals at home

You place a minimum size order, your restaurant will make it fresh, and deliver it to you. Meals will arrive cold/frozen in BPA free containers. Enjoy!



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